Judge Judy Criticizes Cities Facing Crime: ‘Society Made Excuses for Bad Behavior’


‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss the result of liberal district attorneys’ policies as crime rages in major cities.

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  1. Emily 👌 I love your mindset and how you talk and you spoke perfectly 🙏💪we are so on the same page ❤‍🔥and Harris you are so right in what you say because you have cause and effect and it is better to prevent than to cure so you have to tackle the cause 👌🙏💪 And you have a beautiful dress on Harris because it is an ancient Greek style 😍 with a beautiful orange band 👌🧡. And I have ALWAYS hated that good people have to suffer because of the bad, so tackle problems and support the good people 🙏💕greetings from the Netherlands 🧡🧡

  2. "Christian" trolls have infiltrated Trump's campaign and are responsible for the American Reich commercial! They want to sabotage his campaign and they are trying to get him to go after birth control not even Plan B! Trump would never go after birth control but these people have converted to fundamentalist Christianity for the sole purpose of tanking Trump! If these are Christians I am taking the Mark of the Beast!

  3. It all goes back to BLM! Let people tear up cities with no consequences and don't throw them in jail. Crime goes wild. People move corporations to safer cities, and liberal cities collapse into Detroit's and Gary's. It was predictable from day one of avowed Marxist tearing up cities.
    Play stupid games and win stupid prizes!!!

  4. Do not I repeat do not even visit large cities in almost any state in the nation. It's too dangerous. It seems you're forbidden to defend yourselves. Look at Daniel Perry. Look at San Francisco, etc..

  5. "Society?" ———————- That's a lie. Deliberate lie. If you don't have the courage to speak the truth – after all this as a judge and all – then stay out of the conversation at this level.

  6. Many of us are not judges & have been saying the same thing our whole lives. Become poll workers & wear cameras. Contact RNC for online training on what to do or look for. Stop the steal, register people to vote & contact your board of elections if you need too. Corruption must be removed. Be ready to file police reports, take down info or car plates & leak to conservative news outlets / Trump lawyers when corruption if found anywhere this next election.

  7. "Don't come home until your d*** is wet."
    –Moms for Liberty founder Bridget Ziegler text to her husband looking for a threesome partner
    MAGA Christian family values! Praise Jesus!

  8. The same thing happens in our schools. Teaching for 30 years now I have watched "reason" become "excuse". All the way to the point where we now have law-abiding documents (504 and IEP) that allow students either not capable based on their cognitive level, or not capable based on their own apathy, procrastination, and entitlement, to get allowances that other students do not get. And often, these allowances, which are strict law, are bastardized by parents, counselors, and administration. And thus, we send those students into the world to be today's "adults".

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