Judge Jeanine: The Trump Trial Was a ‘Magic Act’


Fox News co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro says the court resurrected ‘dead misdemeanors’ to charge former President Trump on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. 🌎🫴💥Well, of course!
    🫴💥🌪🌌7 1/2 years inebriated caravans "coming home to roost" Xenophobe race baiting blindsided solved mystery puzzled puppets prized Stuck on stupids crabs insane in the membranes blasphemous hipocrisy SwalloWED prides hipocrisy celebrated emotionally conquered idolized emptiness bragging rights shadeysides syllables nonstop nonsensical hippocritical misdirectional contradictions disgraceful outcast clueless motivated beastly burdensome demonized fellowships IOU radicalized extremists regardless heathens founding Farter hellava extended toxic stalking mingled mumbo immunity previledged immorally bankrupt reckless unethical arrogance unwisely guys riddled systematic alluring Deplorable Excellency botched membraines Bleachables maneuvering braincells tokens bootlicking hideous hopeless unprincipled dysfunctional motivational speechless unleashed misery inside melodies incredibly easily predictably believable delirious unprincipled devlish delusional fellowships suckered circus sideshow curbsides extended hopeless reality televisions gameshow hack hoax hocus-pocus unfocused lawlessness ramblings kicking rock's shoeless rantings for speechless unspiritual unprincipled reckless ratings thirstful spirits devotional damnations distributed never-ending madness bragging rights borrowed souls groomed and doomed spinning thirstful sinfully reckless illicit sinfully wickedness contradictive thirstful almighty welfare recipients contradictions bewitched desceptions blindsided sleep walking hopeless sheep roaming freely falling previledged heathens Deplorable Excellency TRIPLE CROSSED imperialist false narrative media mettlings mumbo jumbo combo dumbo schuckin and jiving unleashed disorderly immunity previledged liberalized hobbies stupendous wounded consecutive die hard knocks non mAgA maGgoo detached from reality flourishing crocodiles tears and sown ignorance degradation and bondage illness crisis out-patients mental health crisis out-patients roaming freely hungrier starving and bewitched by reality, regardless..
    Unfortunately broken accountability matters these dazed days glazing losers cult of crocodiles tears and chosened Profit deceptive nonstop sickness insides regardless, won't stop, can't stop nonstop alluring stuck on propaganda storyline casting illness crisis nonstop alluring reality from coming home to roost. Regardless.
    😊🫴💥Make Bs great again, tomorrow regardless, Unfortunately
    😉🫴💥WTf's 🤮💥🫨💥Oops 🤣

  2. "The Bragg case is collapsing!" – "This is a desperate Democrat ploy that will go nowhere!" – "Bragg has proven nothing and this case will collapse before a verdict is even given!" – "There is no way that the jury can convict Trump on these charges now!" – "The more the Democrats try to humiliate him, the more Trump triumphs!"

    Trump is convicted on all 34 charges: – (Perspiration, audible swallowing, shaking and sudden drumming on the table)

    "Trump will easily win this on appeal!" – "Trump will get these absurd convictions expunged!" – "Merchon and Bragg will be humiliated when the charges are quashed on appeal!" – "When Trump is president he will repeal these charges and then those responsible will pay!"

    July 11 – Trump sentenced to 18 years in prison – (Perspiration, audible swallowing, shaking and sudden drumming on the table)

    "Trump will still win big in November!" – "Once he's won the board in November, he'll pardon himself and make those who did this pay!" – "The Democrats are running scared because Trump will still win it all…"

    BTW, where's the Marc Levin section? The online channel has stopped running it and we have to get it from people making phone recordings of it in Cambodia. Is Fox too scared to publish ANY negative news about 'the unstoppable Trump campaign' on it's channel?

  3. GUILTY 😂 Maga tears are delicious. It's too bad the failed flatulent fraudster always plays both sides, telegraphing that if he loses it's because it was rigged but if he wins it's fine. He did this in 2016, again in 2020, and in every court case. He's a loser and this was a great day for America and the criminal justice system 🇺🇸

  4. Trump loses. "Americas gone off a cliff". Just because ur boy loses doesnt mean anything. Glad your all woke to the criminal justice system. U folks were saying to back the blue during George Flyod. Now look at ya

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