Judge Jeanine Slams Judge Merchan: He ‘Does Not Deserve to Wear a Robe!’


Fox News co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro reacts to the FBI’s authorization to use deadly force at Mar-a-Lago and the NY v. Trump trial on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. If you don't want the FBI to raid your home, don't steal government national security documents!! If you steal national security secrets and they ask you to give them back, GIVE THEM BACK! IF you act like a criminal you will be treated like a criminal!!

  2. They did not wear clothing identifying them as FBI because they are rogue agents.
    I also have concerns with all the debate requests by biden-no cameras, no audience…why? To try and assassinate Trump?

  3. So the good judge calls for a weeks recess and sends the jury home. Imagine this, they come back next week and you know what, one of them as broken the rules so the Judge declares a miss trial and order a new trial with a new jury! It can al be heard again wasting weeks of Trumps time that would fit the Democrats agenda 100%. What are the chances??

  4. Donald Trump said he paid Michael Cohen for legal expenses so how does he steal from himself? Oh that's right now they made a mistake and said reimbursement payments. OOPS gotcha guilty!

  5. Judge Jeanine is right, Tyler Vargas Andrews couldn’t get clearance when he had the person in his sights who would take out Abby Gate, costing the lives of 13 Marines. Tyler lost an arm and both legs himself. But there were clear guidelines for this ridiculous raid on mar a lago.

    What this president and his admin has done these past 3.5 years is just criminal. I’m sure it’s all by design too.

  6. Everyone that was loyal to Trump have lost there job and went to jail or in jail for his crimes it is time for Trump go to jail for his own crime because he need to take responsibility for his actions which he never done in his pathetic life. Karma is a mf and it is time for Trump to feel that karma.

  7. Would have been convenient for Biden and the communists trying to take over the United States of America. How would that have turned out for Trump's secret service agents getting caught up in this situation. That's why you need to Vote Trump 2024, to make MAGA!

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