Pro-Hamas ‘lunatics’ were raging at Biden’s front door: Judge Jeanine


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the pro-Hamas protesters that made an appearance outside the White House over the weekend.

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  1. It's a free country. As long as they're peacefull they can have their say.

    However, I notice the National chaos in the streets Trump promised on his conviction didn’t materialize.

  2. A bloody head of this administration really I thought free speech was it free speech if it went to the Violet aspect having said that a decapitated head with blood on it appearing to look like this administration you bet I would take that as a threat I would take that as a threat to my life

  3. Off script and without a teleprompter. Did anyone see/hear Donald Trump spew gibberish hogwash and verbage diarrhoea out his pink piggy snout spigot? Mumbling and stumbling. Could not even say the word – military. Old, haggard and senile.🙂

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