Judge Jeanine: Biden and the Media Fabricated This False Narrative


‘The Five’ co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses details revealed during Hunter Biden’s criminal trial and updates on Trump’s legal battles in Georgia.

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  1. The producers & management at FOX fake news really should be charged with elder abuse for not providing the alcohol addict-rehab that Pinot Pirro so obviously needs.

  2. I'm not American but its sad that you people are literally setting the record in having the oldest president with mental problems😂 hope you are going to vote back president Trump though he should stop being Putin's friend.

  3. Trump hush money lite weight to having a president who was zipper gate and paid 800.000 to hush her up, and congress woman marry her brother to another president showering with his daught to a son on tail for drugs and gun charge and lot more coming. To president wife was 15 year old baby sitter .to another president throwing his mic on the floor on his way out of the office. Yep, Trump hush trail, and whatever ease they throwing at Trump is lite weight.

  4. Wasn’t Sandra the anchor who wondered why President Trump was objecting to FOX news calling certain states for FJB way too early, and her partner John notably hated President Trump and disparaged him whenever he could when President Trump was in office.

  5. I've been watching your show and you just discussed how the liberal press is talking about. Donald Trump being a dictator period go back to the luncheon on his ignorant on his ignorant nogulation day. Eah, it's rational, he and Melania are sitting at the table. Having a light lunch and he says Donald Trump says I don't want to hurt anyone.. Pull the tape and watch it and show it to everybody.Who says he wants to be a dictato It's it, we're already under a dictator Biden.We sure as heck.Don't want another one and I don't think it's in his dna.Trump's dna is to live free and prosper.That's why he's done so well and why he has a good family.

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