Jordanian Nationals Allegedly Attempt to Enter Quantico Marine Corps Base


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin weighs in on reports two Jordanian nationals were caught attempting to enter a U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. HUTER BIDENS LAPTOP! The Jordanians were looking for the CLASSIFIED DOCS. at Mar LARDO the Trumps Gardner downloaded onto his P.C. but it's on H U T E R B I D E N S LAPTOP! hiding at Hillary Clintons house eating baby's in the deep state basement with Tom Hanks and Taylor Swift.

  2. With Donald Trump’s “finished” wall at the Mexican border, how is it possible that thousands of migrants are illegally crossing into the country, as Republicans and Fox points out is happening on a daily basis?

  3. The video didn't seem to show a "box-truck"??? Just SUV's and police vehicles? Where are the pictures of a BOX TRUCK?? Waiting for Trump to "fix" this… it will be too late. They are already here and making and taking their stand.

  4. Believe when they say who they are. Governor ABBOTT pardons convited murderer then oambast U.S. Court system for adhering to proper protocols in a fraudulent document case elsewhere for his influencer.

  5. America has already been breeched at the southern border. There's no secret about that vote, Biden out. Sleeper agents America wants strength and security not woke leftie politics that compromises American security.

  6. With all of the "immigrants" crossing the border, being flown in, etc., these national security threats will only get worse. Whoever becomes our president over next several terms will have a near impossible task of restoring, what I believe most Americans want, is normalcy. Lawfare, university indoctrination, female sports, big city crime, near complete loss of US standing on the world stage, etc. I knew it would be bad! But never this bad.

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