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Jonathan Turley: Trump’s New York Criminal Trial Is Going ‘Very Well’



Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley joins ‘The Story’ to discuss former President Trump’s defense in NY v. Trump.



  1. The GOP started to sink ever lower with Newt Gingrich. This is when they started caring more about fear, hate, outrage, propaganda, and outright lies, instead of facts & service to country. With no Accountability from Faux news, the two groups built an insulated bubble that manufactured an Alternate Universe to spoon feed what became a CULT. Rupert Murdock makes money off the CULT & the GOP derives Power.

  2. What is happening in the USA now is completely stupid. The judicial branch cannot be used to settle political scores. This undermines one of the foundations of the Western world – the neutrality and impartiality of the judicial system. This is the foundation of the Western system.

  3. It is NOT GOING WELL for Donald Trump!😳
    Here are the highlights: The evidence against him is solid, he has no excuses, he admitted to doing the crime… so that is NOT GOOD… right?
    People, watch other networks as well because Fox will always lie to you!!😮‍💨
    This is their playbook, the same thing Donald Trump does, it is called D.A.R.V.O – Deny the behavior, Attack the individual doing the confronting, Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender.

  4. From Americans Citizens to Supreme Court judges Congress Senators ,
    Justice must be done to Judge Merchan AG Bragg impeach banned and removed their License from practicing any laws in America and 20 years Jail terms and a20 Millions fines.

  5. Wait for the Jury?
    It seems that, after redirect, the points that Blanche brought up were explained satisfactorily to the Jury. Tod Blanche, after more than 25 hours of Cross, ended up with zero blows.
    Why didn't Tod Blanche bring up the $130K payment to explain it away?
    Will the former president pay Tod Blanche?

  6. Are Fox reading the transcripts? I would not say this is going well for Trump. Anyway- it's up to the Jury.If Trump is innocent he would have the courage to get on the stand and testify and pled his innocence. What is he afraid of. If I was innocent I would want to get up and convince the Jury.

  7. Daily Losing Reminder: Donald Trump has the worst winning record out of any Republican president.. Trump hasn't won an election since 2016. He lost the House in 2018, he lost the Senate and the WH in 2020 and he prevented a ‘red wave’ from coming in 2022. Losing elections and losing in court

  8. Nice preparation of the fox news public. First saying that everything is going well and when he gets convicted cry that the jury is corrupt because it is so clear that he is innocent.

  9. The Way I Look At It Trump Was Going To Get Convicted Anyway.
    It's a Show Trial. Remember? You Convict First,
    Before you decide what the Charges Are.
    A Conviction Would Still End With Trump Being Elected President.
    After That President Trump Can Order His DOJ to Do Something About it.

  10. Good news Patriots. There will be plenty of hamburgers and steaks come July 4th we are Mitt Romney Liz Cheney Republicans and we feed this country. It's a good thing Jonathan Turley is retired because he's become a pundit,. He's not a newscaster he's no Charles kuralt he's he's a joke

  11. Worst president ever, cheats on wife multiple times (why isn't Melania in the courtroom to support her husband?), claims to be a Christian, terrible businessman, a pathetic pathological liar, a narcissist the likes of which no one has ever seen…. He said he would testify, he had so much to prove everybody wrong. But he's not testifying. Another lie. What a disaster of a man.

  12. Clear the courtroom! The only strump witness and he just about lost the case for strump. Strump is a criminal. And his star witness might be exactly what it takes for the jury to convict strump. What a classic example of a incompetent defense. Complements of the iconoclastic bastards club and the bourbon republican party. It's a Goin real good Fer goober and the strump mafia.

  13. Yes, it's going well for Trump IF some of those jurors, or at least one, is following the evidence and they're not all out to find him guilty no matter what because he's Donald Trump

  14. The most logical, rational conclusion to this BS Communist Show Trial is those Jurors are gonna Aquit Trump and put an end to this absolute Insanity. It's unbelievable, different to comprehend it's actually happening

  15. The trial is going well within the confines of an Idiocracy. However, if we weren't in an Idiocracy this trail would be laughable.
    Idiocracy 2016-2028 – God's Peace ✌️

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