Jonathan Turley: This whole case burst into flames


Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley discusses how Hunter Biden put his sentencing at great ‘risk’ after he was found guilty in his federal gun trial and his reaction to Alvin Bragg and Trump prosecutor Matthew Colangelo testifying before Congress.

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  1. Does anyone still believe Fox is news instead of entertainment. They've said themselves they were not news and should not be taken seriously. So, do you think they're reporting facts here or just distortions.

  2. It's weird. It feels like Fox is really trying to drive home that this wasn't politically motivated. Thanks, Fox, but we know. Hunter broke the law, and this is what happens. We aren't calling this a witchhunt. It's the justice system doing what it's supposed to.

    Too bad you guys can't see that…

  3. I believe that is publicly obvious, that The Elites(most, if not ALL) suffer frm AFFLUENZA( the belief that they are Right Beyond Reproach, i.e. Above The Law!!) Their world consists of "Money Talks/B.S. Walks!! And they are shaken to their core, @ meeting actual justice.

  4. What I found fascinating was the democrats using Hunters conviction to say that the justice department isn't corrupt when it comes to President Trump . Raskin was quick to jump on this and say everything since the first impeachment was all above board and not politically motivated.

  5. This whole thing is a set up, to give cover for the democrats to put President Trump in jail. Everything the democrats do is to further their agenda. It Trump had been found not guilty, Hunter would have already been pardoned by papa.

  6. Do we the tax payers have to pay for Biden's way too many trips to his home state of Delaware? Also, has there been a president that's done that before? Go to their home state every weekend.

  7. Obviously the optics look too bad if Joe Biden pardoned his so. when he is trying to jail Trump for a misdemeanor that they upgraded to a felony. I believe his Dad will pardon Hunter before he leaves the office of President anyway, If he loses the race against Trump

  8. When Hunter runs for President, or gets appointed as an advisor in the Biden administration, then I'll give a f. BTW, the video didn't mention Jared Kushner taking $2 billion from the Saudi's as payment for 'smoothing over' MBS murdering and dismembering a western journalist.. maybe I missed it.

  9. I like how Fox is pretending a President that says, "No one is above the law" is somehow a bad thing.

    I remember up until 2016, everyone said that's how it should be.

  10. So if Hunter had gotten off. "The trial was rigged!". He's been convicted on all counts. " The trial was rigged!". If he's sent to jail. "It's only an excuse to send Trump to jail!". These people are insane.

  11. No one is above the Law including Hunter Biden but as well, Trump who has committed a mountain of crimes for which he has not truly faced accountability! Trump must be sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence for his utter contempt for the rule of law, our democracy and our country!

  12. This is all so the Democrats can claim that they believe in the rule of law and point their accusatory fingers at Republicans who (correctly) argue that the cases against Trump are politically motivated lawfare.

  13. But….soon, very soon the criminal will be up against the IRS. Good luck with that dude, we will be watching. Oh, and that useless, entitled daughter of his also benefited from the Chinese payments. Actually the whole Biden gang has been running a scam for decades.

  14. Jonathon Turley:

    “There are reports out today that many of the Biden family believe that a Delaware jury would not convict Hunter Biden.”

    What a complete load of nonsense! Turley pulled that out of his backside. There may be some basement dwellers who propagated that assertion on X (formerly Twitter), but that doesn’t qualify as a “report.” That’s simply unfounded rumor-mongering. Hunter Biden had a plea deal in place. The judge rejected it. Hunter Biden has a Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial by a jury of his peers. He is under no obligation to plead guilty, even if doing so, avoids prison time. Hunter Biden invoked his Sixth Amendment rights. A jury made their decision. The justice system worked as designed.

  15. Donald Trump can't own a gun, don't own a driver license because he don't drive and could not pass the test in the 1970s. It's why he has never driven a car and has to pay a driver all his adult life.

  16. FOX news the news for………. they're good people they believe us…….. Dominion lawsuit..3/4 of a billion dollars for lying ! FOX news the news for crybabies. Don't worry Biden will forgive you. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha.

  17. I'm curious to find out where in the constitution does it indicate that if you are convicted on drug charges you lose your second amendment right to own a firearm.
    I am aware of a law named double Jeopardy which states that if you have paid for your crime. It can no longer be use against you in court.

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