Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden’s Argument Lacks Credibility


Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley discusses the evidence in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. I'm Trump MAGA, but in all fairness, I have to say about this form, in asking about drug use that could interfere with a person's Constitutional right to bear arms in this country, many people quit drugs and alcohol suddenly to pass a test and later relapse. It's really not proof they lied. Just saying.

  2. I'm about to scrap social media entirely, the court system in this country is a joke the laughing stock, have you ever read the business law book for studying to be an attorney in this country it'll make you literally want to vomit, I would rather read Leviticus in the Bible

  3. The morons who continue to watch your all-propaganda news channel that had to pay millions of dollars for lying to your viewers will have to explain how Joe Biden is secretly using the Justice Department to do his bidding to persecute Donald Trump (which is not happening) but is powerless to stop his own son from being prosecuted.

  4. Turdley looks like his brain is about to flee his head to seek assylum away from the orange-bullshite that dribbles from his mouth.
    p.s; Yes, S × 2 deliberately.

  5. OMG.
    Finally Republicans they found out Hunter has a laptop, and as we all know…
    Americans are only allowed 1 laptop in their lifetime. 😂😅

    'Breaking FOX News Intelligence'

    Former known drug addict Hunter Biden did drugs in the past….
    Hunter has a laptop, but the laptop has nothing to do with the court case.😂😢

  6. By all means, apply the standard penalty for this crime. But then, can we look at the process for buying a gun where the purchaser at a store is asked to check a box claiming they’re not a drug user? Also, accept Trump getting standard punishment for lying on 34 business documents, holding hundreds of classified documents in his home and moving around to evade a lawful search, and obstructing justice.

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