Joe Biden's America is a 'Wizard of Oz democracy': Rep. Nancy Mace


Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., weighs in on coverage of Biden’s cognitive decline, the Democratic presidential ticket and Rep. Adam Schiff saying both candidates should take cognitive tests.

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  1. Love that line!! Apple sauce and ice cream! Biden is a complete disgrace and he’s the one running the country?? Oh no wait a minute is Kamala Harris ! Remember she is burdened by what has been! What a joke!! Sick of this woke left wing with their open borders!! November 5 cannot come soon enough! TRUMP 2024!!!!!

  2. Obama publicly stated in an interview that he would be fine with a third term through a puppet in the WH. Why don't they start asking him questions and start holding him accountable for the disastrous decisions that have been made in the name of Biden?

  3. Cognitive decline, you describe Trump to a tee. Trump lied throughout the debate, can’t trust anyone in Republican Party for putting fool like trump to run for president. The whole world is laughing

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