Jesse Watters: Yet Another Mess to Clean up in ‘Biden’s Aisle’


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss how the White House corrected multiple errors President Biden made during a speech to the NAACP Sunday.

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  1. Bith Trumpf and Biden are old . They should both be drug tested before the debate , they should both be made to stay in their asigned space , so that can not do to Biden what he did to mrs Clinton . The drug test should be made by an independent lab on the same day

  2. Nothing he says matters. He proved he doesn't care about most of us with inflation, high energy prices, flooding our country with criminals and migrants that we are keeping. I never thought this country would be so bad.

  3. I won't bother listening to predictably petty & partisan Watters, but the caption made me think Trump recently had an out-of-diaper experience in a supermarket. Democrats always end up cleaning up Republican messes. Biden had to clean up after Trump when he made a mess of Covid.

  4. Biden? May only be 4 years older than TRUMP- but!!!! Biden is indigent! It’s not about 4 years older or younger! It’s about! Weather or not! You have the ability to “PERFORM THE JOB”! As the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT”! And JOE BIDEN! Can not! PERFORM THE JOB! Biden! HASNT “PERFORMED THE JOB”! To present day!

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