Jesse Watters: This Is Just a Democrat Scheme


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss how President Biden called former President Trump a ‘convicted felon’ and how Bill Maher predicts Biden will lose.

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  1. Jesse it is time to call it what it is, they are no longer worthy of being called Democrats they are Marxist socialists and all of the United States needs to realize this ! MAKE AMERICA GREAT. AGAIN

  2. As a black man I pray that black people in America stay out of the politics of this country. We are commanded by God to not love the world and the US is a part of the world. This world along with the US is going down, black people our duty is to repent and get our houses in order before the judgement of God is upon us.

  3. The bobbleheads of the "5" are not going to "move the needle". As to the "shoveling out money" on his legal issues, it was YOUR money, and the dimwits in his cult, that has paid for his recent legal woes. It surely wasn't any of HIS money. He hasn't rolled that way since he joined the Republicans. They are lemming chumps. Do you really think a Billionaire pays his own way?

    If you bobbleheads want to ask Trump an intelligent question, ask him and his daughter-in-law, where is the money for the down ticket? Where are the teams of people in all the states, that will beat your party drums (make campaign call and door to door knocks).? The DNC have over 300.

    Keep telling the lies….. Tump tried to get Hillary locked up, but his own AG(s) said they didn't have enough to make a case on.

    Keep it up…. Come November, you guys will certainly not be the ones laughing…. You will be "hat in hand", looking for work.

    And all this poison pill crap you shovel, will be the only face your prospective new bosses will remember about you.

  4. I will never call Trump a convicted criminal ! This man is on a mission and what a great camarader
    In chief ! Giving up the good life to fight for the American people . ***GOD BLESS THE TRUMP FAMILY****

  5. They are focusing on swing states so when they steal a different state, you might not question it because nobody will be aware… at this point if you are not preparing for the absurd you are not preparing for Democrats determination to keep power. 🤷

  6. Infiltrating churches now. False commercials asking immigrants to join the church to take advantage of the church benefits ultimately systematically breaking down the religious community smh 🤦 we are living at the worst times in America. Stop the white vans up and down across inner cities. All hubs next to police stations and fire departments. Sending good cops and firemen on false calls. While 1 or 2 crook cops and firemen give the drop to the ppl paying them. Smh massive crook cops and firemen going to jail 2025 everything will come to light soon. Also theor poisoning our men in blue in these spanish restaurants.

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