Jesse Watters: The media is fact-checking Trump's jokes now


Fox News host Jesse Watters says former President Trump ‘got his swagger back’ with one week to go for his debate with President Biden on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. Really you going to talk about Trump's lies for 3 hours that's nothing compared to Joe Biden we can talk two weeks about his lies he's been lying since the 1970s we have Decades of cover we all knew you were going to use a conviction as a talking point on all your fake news so keep talking about it it's not helping you at all

  2. Once someone has proven themselves as big of a liar as Trump you have to check them for lies like a bird hunter checks his dog for ticks. The true wonder is that anyone would believe him about anything at this point. Fox lost $787.5 million on him yet still covers for this loser.

  3. Trump must win and Congress must turn red. Make it happen, or regret it for ever; TDS is terminal.
    It's close to midnight but US voters continue drinking deeply at ‘The Last Chance Saloon’ . . . . whilst over the road, Boot Hill cemetery gates creak open . . .

  4. It's illegal to use the justice system by political and personal motivation. Clearly Biden used the media to send a message to all of the "wiseguys" to use everything possible in the legal system to stop trump. That video is very damming.

  5. I'm an ex Californian who now, for the last 3 yrs have been living in the Twin Cities, MN….
    Let just say… I've voted RED every election… AND most people are closet-case Republicans. But because the Looney leftists are louder here, those closet-cases… stay in the closet.
    THAT has to stop!¡
    Get boots on the ground in the Twin Cities neighborhoods and downtowns. Trust me… THERE they can't ignore… and once 30% are out there, actually showing up… the closet-cases will finally wake up.
    Let's make MN red!!!

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