Jesse Watters: ‘Bombshell’ report reveals it’s worse than it looks for Biden


Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to 45 sources telling the Wall Street Journal President Biden is showing signs of decline behind closed doors on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. They’re not going to replace Joe Biden you say Jill Biden she’s got so much information on Pelosi and Democrats how they bribed Joe Biden into doing what they wanted she blackmail them so they’re not gonna let Joe off the ticket Jill wants what she wants and she will use blackmail Joe’s going to lose he’s going to lose but Jill she’s got her information that dirty rotten snake and she will use it but maybe they’ll take her out to

  2. Then who in the hell is it thats running our country into the ground ???
    Unmask the faceless bureaucrats who are calling the shots. This is BS. Democrats hate America. They are addicted to power so bad theyll let it burn down just to rule over the ashes….

  3. America, I told you all of this. I've been watching for 2 years now that's unfold. He wasn't up to par when he was put into office as president. But they pushed it on through the Democrats had no one else.

  4. Strange that he talk about Joe biden's mental health his age yet he doesn't say anything about Donald Trump who's even worse than Joe. Joe is not an insurrectionist or rapist or a straight out everyday liar like Donald Trump.

  5. “This is no joke.” Stumbling, fumbling, mumbling Joe Biden is becoming more and more of an embarrassment to America with his cognitive decline. I wouldn’t entrust Sleepy Joe with the family car keys, much less be leader of the free world.

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