Jesse Watters: CNN fell for another hoax


Fox News host Jesse Watters gives his take on how politics is like baseball on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. Shifty's absurd ''guilty'' rant should have been aimed at Hilary Clinton back in 2015 when he concluded that she was guilty of everything she was accused of. It's a little late for him to be proclaiming anyone guilty.

  2. Congratulations 👏🎉 royal 👑 king president Donald j Trump happy 😊😁 birthday 🎂🎈 to the greatest president of all times ❤🎉 Hi judge Jeanine and Mr Jesse watters your the man 👞 Hi Dana and Greg gutfild my buddy and tyrus God bless you guys America vote red ♥️🍒 for 👑 King President Donald j Trump to save America

  3. WORLD LEADERS ARE PRAISING BIDEN FOR HIS ECONOMY AND HOW IT’S HELPING THE WORLD, CEO’S OF TOP BANKS ARE COMPLIMENTING BIDEN ON HIS ECONOMY , BIDEN MAKES AMAZING TRADE DEAL WITH OPEC NEVER DONE IN OUR HISTORY. Biden will get my vote, my families vote, and a majority of my friends vote for the first time. Maga doesn’t care about the economy they rather ask for free government handouts in our red states.

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