Jeanine Pirro Criticizes Trump Verdict Led by “Soros-Funded Prosecutor”


Following the announcement of the guilty verdict on 34 counts against former President Donald Trump, Fox News Channel personality Jeanine Pirro, also a former Westchester County, NY judge, criticized the verdict for its potential impact on the rule of law.

Pirro labeled the court proceedings a “kangaroo court” and likened the verdict to something from a third-world country.

She expressed concern about the involvement of a “George Soros-funded prosecutor” in the case, suggesting bias. Pirro also questioned the composition of the jury pool, alleging that it was predominantly anti-Trump.

Furthermore, Pirro criticized the judge presiding over the case, insinuating bias against Trump. She argued that the defendant was not properly informed of the charges against him and accused the prosecution and judge of manipulating the case.

Concluding her remarks, Pirro emphasized that such actions are not in line with American values and warned of the dangerous precedent set by the trial.

Jeff Poor
Jeff Poor
Editor and conservative opinion maker.

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