Jarrett: Bragg and Merchan have ‘destroyed’ Trump’s right to due process


Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett discusses the details of Trump’s criminal trial in New York as jurors are set to begin their second day of deliberations.

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  1. Disbar the Corrupt Democrat DA and Judge and hold them accountable…
    The ONLY way to fix this +3 year Corrupt Anti-American Biden Train Wreck… TRUMP 2024…

  2. Whatever the verdict, it is glaringly evident from the trial that 1) Trump is embarrassed by many of his past choices and relationships with women. 2) Trump associates with and hires liars, felons, and gossip peddlers.

  3. Merchan has thrown out key testimony for the defense that under the law should have been included in Trumps defense. Paying “hush money” isn’t even a crime. Bragg and Merchan are biased and any descent judge should be impartial. He is an activist judge. Bragg even bragged about “getting Trump” while campaigning for his position. The prosecution should also be impartial. This is a kangaroo court.

  4. More whining from Fox News and Talking Heads😂 just give us some facts okay the American people are aware of how this is unfair quit whining like Sally Struthers because these left-wing lizards do not care about our feelings!

  5. And this trial and everything he's doing is not election interference? They didn't even let him bring his own witnesses in to defend himself. This is just ridiculous

  6. LOL. The fake increduilty from this clown is hilarious. Luckily, the facts of the case are so blindingly obvious, even your average high school drop out would have no problems finding Dumpty guilty as charged.

  7. Hey look the privileged black and Hispanic people are taking the white man's rights away, who has the real power, the system is aimed at hurting regular white Americans

  8. Lies lies lies. Trump knows well what he’s charged with. He’s basically being charged with violating campaign finance disclosure laws by trying to hide the hush money payments he made.

  9. It’s the same jury instructions! It’s nothing different for this case they are trying to feed into the old white people that are watching that don’t know anything about court

  10. Lies that they didn’t specify? What do you mean are you not watching are you not listening can you not read are you dumb? You’re going in circles. Just say you want to smell his anus and call it a day

  11. How can you negotiate with an illegitimate Ukrainian president, if after negotiations and signing documents he can say that he is not legitimate and that the signed agreements mean nothing, this is what the US wants

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