New Controversial Film Revives Discredited Ivana Trump Allegation While Ignoring Biden’s Own Accusers


Despite Ivana Trump’s repeated denials that her former husband, Donald Trump, ever raped her, a new multimillion-dollar film supporting Joe Biden is set to depict just that. The film’s director aims to release it during the 2024 presidential campaign, coinciding with the second debate in September.

Let’s consider the case of Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, who mentioned in her verified diary that her father showered with her when she was young. She acknowledged in her diary that these showers were “probably not appropriate.”

Unlike Ivana Trump, Ashley Biden has not retracted her allegation.

Then there’s lifelong Democrat Tara Reade, the eighth woman to accuse Joe Biden of inappropriate sexual conduct. Backed by substantial evidence — including four witnesses and a contemporaneous phone call to Larry King Live — Reade claims Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. But…

Instead of a multimillion-dollar film about her ordeal being showcased at Cannes, Reade was dismissed by corporate media and Hollywood, eventually feeling compelled to leave the country.

Again, unlike Ivana Trump, Tara Reade stands firmly by her allegation.

The allegations against Joe Biden not only persist but are also deemed credible. What kind of father showers with his daughter? There’s nothing normal about that. Considering Ashley Biden and Hunter Biden’s troubled lives, it’s apparent where the family dysfunction lay. On the other hand, Trump’s children appear quite normal.

To stop Trump, the left resorts to fabricating rapes, Russia Collusion Hoaxes, and criminal charges. Despite intensive scrutiny, Trump remains unscathed. Meanwhile, the organized left (media, Hollywood, academia) is compelled to obscure and deny the disturbing truths about Biden.

Tara Reade is disregarded by the left and the #MeToo movement.

Similarly, Ivana Trump’s denials are ignored, as Hollywood and corporate media continue to portray her as a victim of a non-existent crime.

These people are indeed reprehensible.

John Nolte
John Nolte
Senior Writer.

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