It's 'all eyes on Pennsylvania': Kilmeade


Fox News host Brian Kilmeade highlights moments from former President Trump’s rally in Philadelphia on ‘One Nation.’

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  1. As of june 1st 2024, there are 48.8 million registered Democrats, and 37 million registered republicans…. you are outnumbered, it will be an exact repeat of 2020… nominate a criminal and lose every time.

  2. Don’t give up on Pennsylvania folks . There’s more patriots here than they’d like you to think. I’ll also remind you that the capital of the United States was Lancaster, York and Philadelphia before there even WAS a DC

  3. No one cares about this rhetoric nonsense. Keep King 👑 Biden and queen 👑 Harris for re-election on extraordinary success. Keep our borders wide open and raise much higher taxes on everything to fund illegal aliens problem solved

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