Insidious Ideology: Concha Criticizes Biden’s Latest ‘Despicable’ Speech


‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss a Wall Street Journal op-ed about the importance of teaching the next generation to love America.

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  2. My mom and dad started the immigration process to legally immigrate to the US before I was born. When I was eight years old we were approved and entered the US as legal alien residents. After we settled in Arizona I remember that I asked my dad why we had moved to the US from Mexico. I had a lot of friends in Mexico and missed them. I am in my early 60's now but can still remember what my dad's said to me (in Spanish). Dad stated, "In Mexico if you are born poor, you are going to die poor. In the United States if you are born poor, you can grow up to be anything you want. If you work hard enough." My dad, who never attended school, was absolutely right. I have a wonderful life in the US and achieved my childhood dreams. Happy Memorial Day to our awesome vets who made the ultimate sacrifice.

  3. Petriotism is teaching at home before age of school but continued in school with history. Reason that kids don't love the country because the teachers are avoiding the subject or bending to their idea.

  4. The American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution are without any doubt the most beautiful political texts in human history.

    I am a man born and living in Belgium – in the heart of Europe. And our own freedom loving constitution – written in 1830 – is based on the same principles as the American Constitution.

    Never ever allow these absolute superior constitutions – out of stupidity or sheer malice – to be abolished. Defend and protect all our freedoms. And – if necessary – fight for them.

    That is what Memorial Day is all about. Never live as a slave. Always fight for our freedom. Simple – no? And yes – also serious and fundamental.

  5. Public schools used to teach the love of America. They haven't for a long time and we shouldn't be surprised at the country's decline. Then there are the actual political movements to bring the nation down – appalling!

  6. Morals, standards, and values are taught in the home.
    Nearly all modern social issues have been generations in the making, beginning with liberating society from moral law and personal accountability while promoting, encouraging, and rewarding a life of mindless self-indulgence and instant gratification; exchanging what requires thought and accountability for that which gives only moments of pleasure.
    The Counter-culture "Empowerment " movement of the 1960s was the beginning of the American government's public campaign in its war against God, and pure evil thrives by preying on and corrupting the youth.

  7. We already lost our country. The second jfk got killed. Now we are paying to be controlled by drug dealers. Oil Tycoons, Big business of big Farma. We have accepted the illusion of freedom. And accept that so much that we pay into it every year..

  8. Amen, I am 56 and the Mindset started to change when I came back on Breaks and met "The New Generation" and no matter how I tried to get this youngsters I met to Value America and the Ideal of Service, I was getting A very limited Response.

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