Inside the Democratic Party’s Dilemma: The Unlikely Prospect of Replacing Joe Biden


The idea of replacing President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee has become a popular topic in political circles, but the logistics involved make such a scenario extremely unlikely. The first presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump on June 27 offers Biden an opportunity to prove his fitness for office, but if he fails, the party would need to replace him by August 19, the date of the Democratic National Convention.

However, the party faces significant hurdles in replacing Biden. The first deadline is July 13, when the Indiana Democratic Party selects its delegates to the national convention. By this point, over 4,600 delegates will have been chosen, with most being committed to Biden. The next deadline is August 7, when nominees must be finalized to appear on the general election ballot in Ohio. The final deadline is the convention itself, where any attempt to replace Biden would be messy and divisive.

Replacing Biden also requires securing the support of thousands of delegates who have been hand-picked by the president and his aides for their loyalty. A majority of delegates would need to coalesce around an alternative candidate under a condensed timeline, which is unlikely given their loyalty to Biden. Moreover, there is no obvious successor to Biden, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the most viable option but carrying her own set of liabilities.

If the party were to bypass Harris, it would create its own set of challenges, including justifying passing over the party’s first black woman vice president. Other alternatives, such as governors or progressive leaders, would also face opposition from various factions within the party.

Ultimately, the Democratic Party is stuck with Biden, whether they like it or not. For the Republican Party, this is the best possible outcome, as Biden is one of the most unpopular incumbents in recent memory.

Jeremiah Poff
Jeremiah Poff
Jeremiah Poff is a commentary writer. Raised in Virginia, Jeremiah previously worked as an education reporter. Prior to that, he worked for the Cardinal Newman Society, the Department of Education, and The College Fix. He graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2019 with a degree in journalism and a minor in human life studies.

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