Indifferent: Migrants Unfazed During Illegal Border Crossings


Fox News’ Bill Melugin speaks with a wave of migrants crossing the southern border in California as President Biden announces executive action to address the crisis.

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  1. 15.5% voted for someone other than trump. That's pretty significant. And it is worth noting that New Mexico has a "closed primary," meaning that only registered republicans can vote in the republican primary

  2. yeah shocker Biden made you all look stupid as hell, he made and EO that LITERALLY shuts down our border when we pass so many illegal migrant entries which results,in absolutely no change. Again you were all wrong, we didn't have open borders AND even closing them does nothing, he's just giving you what you idiots wanted, never forget.

  3. I fired all my democratic employees for illegal immigrants at both my construction companies. No taxes, no expensive minimum wage, no benefits, no insurance, no overtime no problems. $40cash/daily pay.

  4. Yesterday President Biden did exactly what Republicans have DEMANDED he do for 6 months. An Executive Order giving him the power to close the border to asylum seekers. Now Republicans BIG MAD😂

  5. Let’s all remember that REPUBLICANS refused to support the BIPARTISAN Senate Border Security Legislation that the Border Patrol Union supported BECAUSE trumps wants a border campaign issue NOT Border Security Legislation. Ok?

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