‘INADEQUATE’: New DHS report sounds alarm on migrant vetting


Former acting ICE director Tom Homan reacts to a new DHS report calling migrant vetting ‘inadequate’ after eight individuals with ties to ISIS were able to illegally enter the U.S.

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  1. We are supposed to believe that over 20 million people that have come over in the last 3.5 yrs have been vetted? By who? Even if Homeland Security was working people 24hr a day they still wouldn't have 1/2 vetted.

  2. Inadequate? Less to none! And Biden will leave office and ,as usual, someone else will have to try and clean up his mess! Just like Hunter! The Biden's walk around like they smell good, but the dont! Everything about Joes term stinks!

  3. Aww come on guys… clearly this is all Trumps fault. If only he didn't block that "border bill," ya know.. that really really tough, mean, strong, smart and pretty border bill… the toughest in history, ever!! So tough, that even the guys from El Salvador decided to stay put and take their chances with MS-13 and the volcanos. Yep… we were all set to have the best border bill ever, that would of prevented all of this. They even had funds allocated to paint Trumps wall with all the colors of the rainbow. I even heard that some Mexicans were gonna do a mural of Joe and Kamala near the San Diego port of entry.

  4. Mayorckis just like Fauci are public servants fulfilling a challenging role.
    The right wants to criticize but not for any constructive reasons or to introduce alternative policy prescriptions.
    They're goal is to isolate.
    Observers of history have a different goal, quickly and compassionately place migrants in their future permanent homes and communities allowing them to begin adjusting and contributing to whichever country they end up.

  5. You know the ones that are undocumented don't use border gates.
    They don't even jump a fence. They just walk in.
    Migrants are a net positive for America.

    When the crying whining grievances and attemp to bask in victimhood expires what do Republicans offer ?
    Yes that's why they never stop talking about how democracy is unfair to Trump.

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