Trump Warns of Negative Impact of Biden’s Policies on Black and Hispanic Communities


Black and Hispanic communities are most negatively impacted by President Joe Biden’s policies — including unfettered illegal immigration — former President Donald Trump said during his historic rally in the Bronx.

“The minute crooked Joe Biden shuffles out the door, I will rapidly rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world. Look, we had the greatest economy in history. … It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or brown or white, or whatever the hell color you are. It doesn’t matter. We are all Americans. And we’re going to pull together as Americans,” Trump said to the enthusiastic crowd.

Middle class income rose, and the opposite has happened under Biden’s leadership, Trump told the crowd of New Yorkers.

“Real earnings for African Americans are down 5.6 percent. African Americans are getting slaughtered. Hispanic Americans are getting slaughtered. And these millions and millions of people that are coming into our country, the biggest impact and the biggest negative impact is against our black population and our Hispanic population, who are losing their jobs, losing their housing, losing everything can lose,” Trump said.

Trump then noted that the U.S. “had the safest border in history” when he was president. But Biden dropped the ball completely, reversing Trump policies, he noted.

“Our country has gone to hell because of it. It’s gone to hell. … This is not sustainable by any country. Right? This is not sustainable,” he added.

Hannah Knudsen
Hannah Knudsen
FL native. Legit thanks to Jesus.

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