Illegal immigrants accused of killing 12-year-old Houston girl due in court


Fox News’ Todd Piro reports the latest on the case.

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  1. I hate all of this. Because if you deport them, they’re just gonna walk right through the border, and if you put them in jail, we pay for them forever. This is just a lose, and lose, and keep losing situation.

  2. Joe biden's a traitor to our country he has to go if you want to keep the United States free please give me to the Chinese because they paid him off and his son his son was The bag Man

  3. Lil Girls got to much liberty 🗽 in hell 🇺🇸 they biblical roles inside the house 🏠… they not suppose to be outside without dad 👴🏿 husband 🧔🏾 or brother 👦🏾

  4. "…the fact that [Trump] would communicate to [Republicans] that he doesn’t want us to solve the border problem — because he wants to blame Biden for it — is really appalling,”

    – A Famous Republican

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