Illegal immigrant charged with rape, murder of Maryland mother


Rachel Morin’s family attorney Randolph Rice joins ‘The Story’ to discuss the illegal immigrant arrested for her rape and murder.

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  2. Bidem admin caused this, there was border security until he over turned 45’s border security and knew darn well what the ripple effects would be and still are. More propaganda bs, from “both cheek sides of the arse.” No wonder most are no longer watching most of these dishonest propaganda teleprompter readers (not journalists).

  3. First off he's not a illegal immigrant he's a illegal aliens murderer and he's not alone by any means and the hypocrisy of the Democrats is repugnant they created this disaster and ignored this disaster plain a simple and the blood is on their hands and theirs alone ! And their president is the ring leader of this criminal organization know as the Democrat party !

  4. She (Fox spokesperson) should have pushed back against the tired DEM talking point that president Trump caused the immigration situation…. when we all know Biden' Admin opened the border and put forth lousy legislation that was properly rejected as cover. FOX< please always push back on the tired dem talking points or else these twisted lies become defato truth for the ignorant.

  5. These asshat Dems trying to blame Trump for their intentional, voter-importing mess make me want to vomit. And stick your "bi-partisan" (all Dems and a few RINOs) bill that would only cut the numbers down a bit, and even then only if Sleepy O'Bama decided to actually enforce it.

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