Illegal immigrant arrested by NYPD in assault of 13-year-old girl


Fox News’ Eric Shawn on the details of the arrest of an illegal immigrant from Ecuador accused of raping a girl in Queens.

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  1. When he get to prison oh there gonna take good care of him Biden all yall involved letting these illegal immigrants into this country hell is real yall need to repent 🙏 The God Almighty is in control hes watching you Biden 🙏

  2. the most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens and its borders. any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead.

    Joe Biden is unworthy to lead he is in dereliction of his duty… FJB

  3. oh, it's new york… not only will they let him off with no time, they will file charges on his behalf to sue those citizens that jumped on him and unlawfully detained him…. and because he is a victim, he will instantly get the U-Visa..

  4. We're not f**** douchebag puts his hand on the Bible and Swear to protect the American people from foreign and domestic terrorists and any harm due to American citizens that's called oath of office which is an impeachable offense if he does not follow it which he is not following it by leaving the Border open and allowing terrorists groups to come across the border and criminals when is the FBI the dog or the armed services going to go in and remove him from office immediately because that's under the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights

  5. Why are so many minors under 18 out without adult supervision? Parents and society quick to blame law enforcement,criminals,etc- If you have to pay a ride to and from school,do it. If you did even a half decent job properly raising your kids, they will stay in the house. Police are NOT your babysitters. Criminals commit crime. It is YOUR job as a parent to keep your minors under 18 safe.

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