IDF Spokesperson Reports Four Hostages Held by Palestinian Civilians


Former IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to break down the latest news emerging from the Israel-Hamas war.

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  1. "Civilians holding hostages"
    The level of nonsense pumped out by msm is astounding. This is the definition of disinformation and e wonder why Americans support terrorism? Because msm propaganda taught them too.

  2. Who was the IDF's spokesperson refeing to when he claimed they were under fire when coming in and when leaving? It was never a re$q. People know they can't play that circus on Hamas with only one loss. So, they claim civilians were the captors.

  3. … there’s a shock. 😑 I’m so tired of these mfing dumb people supporting Palestinians.

    The Palestinians are either part of Hamas or sympathizers. Meanwhile the reason Palestinians can even live to begin with is thanks to Israel; since they own and operate the land.

    This is why I have no sympathy for Palestinians. They are the problem. If Hamas was such a problem to them, Palestinians would have A. Fought WITH Israel to remove Hamas, B. Had their own forces against Hamas if they were a separate entity, C. Even Helped cordon off areas for IDF to clear out and then deem safe.

    All these Civilians who have never been in the military, clueless to actual life experiences and what people are capable of. I’m over civilians telling other countries how to handle war issues when they themselves don’t have the balls to physically be in the fight

  4. Do not cry for your children Gaza! You have aided and abetted the terrorists you yourself have elected, and have boasted of the slaughter they have done! Do not cry for your children in Gaza because retaliation has come and Hamas failed to hide the children of Gaza in the tunnels! Instead, Hamas hid the innocent Israelis in the tunnels, WITHOUT CARE FOR YOUR GAZA CHILDREN, WITHOUT A BLINK OF AN EYE, WITHOUT HEART.

  5. Are you going to believe the Liers who states about their all targeted killings as mistakes and accidents. Re evaluate your intelligence again. You may benefit by implanting a AI chip. Asks these people to say The Almighty punish the wrong party and see what they do.

  6. WHAT You mean they were being held by CITIZENS, the people who our college students are rioting for because they are so ignorant that as COLLEGE STUDENTS they don't know how to do research. Uummmm

  7. I normally give somebody 3 lies before they've lost my trust for good. The IDF and Israeli gov't have been caught in massive lies almost every week since the current part of the conflict. At this point, it's a waste of my time to check on the truth of their claims.

  8. Hamas rose from the people of Gaza to its current state, why would any sane person assume that there is a difference between the "innocent civilians" of Gaza and Hamas terror militants?!
    They are the same people for God sake!

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