ICC Pursues Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas Leader


Fox News’ Trey Yingst on the details of the helicopter crash that killed Iran’s president and war crimes accusations against Israel’s PM and Hamas leadership.

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  1. The decision by the ICC to indict three senior Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for war crimes committed in Gaza is mooted by the simultaneous indictment of three Hamas officials, including Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, on similar charges. Clearly the ICC cannot distinguish between the concept of occupier versus occupied. —-Scott Ritter

  2. First icc doesn't have a case because it's based on lies . 48,000 tons of aid went through. Every day aid has been going in . Hamas attacked the border where aid comes through stopping aid for a week and was caught firing at civilians going for food . HAMAS also attacked UN personnel who were surveying the area for piers delaying it from being built. The number of civilian deaths comes from Hamas and you take that is a realistic number even though Hamas would use propaganda they want civilian deaths while Israel has Been sending leaflets phone calls and drones using speakers .icc wants the Holocaust to happen again because just like that time countries didn't take it seriously until it was to late if they don't get rid of HAMAS garentee this war will happen again within two years

  3. The State of Israel is a signator to the Geneva Conventions and amendments and the Hague Conventions. Israel has assented to be subject to international law. Under international law, all feasible precautions must be taken to minimize civilian harm. Military commanders can be held criminally responsible for violations.

  4. The International Court of Justice has become nothing more than a joke. give me one war in history – recent or far, where an army did all the things Israel do to reduce their enemies civilian casualties?
    which other army allowed supplies to be transferred to their enemy through their own land?
    which other army chooses to forfeit its chance to effectively launch a surprise attack just to warn civilians of the enemy population, by dropped leaflets from the skies?
    which other army has allowed people from their enemies people to receive job, and medical treatment in his territory?
    which other army has not bombed building that the enemy uses as command centers, just because they were hospitals?

    And now imagine your army still follow all these rules RIGHT AFTER YOUR COUNTRY HAS FACED A GENOCIDE.
    AND STILL, the ICJ Wants to arrest Israeli leaders?
    That organization has just lost its right to judge in any conflict.

  5. We need to walk away from this stuff I mean we can't be arrested in the Israeli Prime Minister defending his own country if they did stupidity like this all our presidents would be in jail over this a rock in Afghanistan stuff it's truly stupid and it's got a lot to do with Biden in them if if any Jewish person votes for Joe Biden they are to be ashamed of herself because he's totally against the Israelis he can lions saying ain't but he is

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