‘I Have No Words’: MSNBC Pundits Draw Criticism for Reacting to Trump Verdict with Joy


The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed the media’s reaction to Trump’s historic verdict after he was convicted in his New York criminal trial.

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  1. Celebrating is perfectly appropriate. THIS GUY has skated away from accountability his entire life. Donald J Trump is now a convicted felon who cannot own a gun and cannot vote.

  2. I Understand what you mean.

    It's Like, We have to Suffer in Silence,

    So We Blame the People who Get Murdered on the Subway for being Stupid Enough to Ride it.

    In Order to Feel Better, We have to Laugh the the Unfortunate Jerk who' has to Live in a Sanctuary City.

  3. Support paying for silence of a pornstar whom you had an affair with while your wife was pregnant.

    -Party of Family Values ✅

    Doesn’t support the accountability for falsifying business records to hide such an occurrence from voters.

    -Party of Law and Order ✅

  4. trump says he now has a 6 point lead over biden, a poll of 400 people……after the verdict, but then why doesn't he face the other three trials before the elections, he will be convicted, but he will win the elections!!!😂😂

  5. Trump, not only should’ve been jailed 9 GAG ORDER VIOLATIONS AGO, but should’ve testified if there was “no crime”. He only had people in his inner circle do so and a whole jury, whom his own lawyers approved, to convince.

  6. You just need to browse the comment section of any youtube channel (pro or anti Trump doesnt matter) and you will easily find the difference between progressive /Lefties and conservative/pro-republican commentators. The Lefties are generally more hatefull, unpolite and malicious (not all, but in general). Conservative people are more polite, less aggressive and simple wish that the country turns into better. This seems an international phenomenon to me.

  7. Make Accountability Great Again. Three more trials to go, ya'll have to sit through trials in Georgia, Florida and DC. The case he was just convicted for was the weakest case of the four. Justice served makes me happy. Your panel has alot of justice to eat in the next year.

  8. Old school journalism has been decimated by the likes of Fox .. oh the irony.. (Murdoch ate old journalism to replace it with alternate facts, infotainment and rightwing bias)

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