Hunter Biden Unlikely to Testify in Gun Trial


Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss his reaction to the latest development in the gun case and why he believes it’s a ‘smart move.’

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  1. No one in this Administration has to be accountable for their LIES. HC should be in jail for the MADE UP STORY of The Russian Collusion, AGAINST TRUMP. JB should be in jail for receiving large amounts of money from other countries, from money schemes! His druggy son built fake companies and used his dad’s name to get it, and he had to share it with the family, per JB. HB felt he should get the largest amount because he did all the work! but the BIG GUY got the most….all this is in HB Laptops. If Trump gets elected the stories of all these swamp people are going to be exposed! Even the Puppet master O that talks for JB ears. Pray Heaven above will protect Donald Trump…🙏🏻

  2. He’s a grown man. His daddy needs to let him know he’s no different then other addicts in this country who have been put in prison for years and kept many in for prison for years. To be truthful it would be a huge mistake to give him. A free pass on this. He saved his life by not giving him this pardon.

  3. Where is the trial for his daddy's child trafficking gig? Can we get we get that investigation under way? Bring on the DHS whistle blowers without the corporate rug sweeping, after all a future does exist under Trump provided Biden is removed from office to future proof corporate interests……

  4. He'd be crazy to do so. The guilty seldom benefit. And the innocent seldom benefit. Unless you think the accused is a particularly good witness and can stand up to cross examination, there is usually no good reason to do so.

  5. If he thinks that we believe that he won't pardon his son, keeping hunter from going to prison. You must be on dope too. Just think of ALL THOSE WHOM HE SENT TO PRISON back in the day.

    Now we are to believe that he's not going to pardon his son?
    Another example of this administration's Two Tier System of Blind Justice.😊😅😂

  6. You know if he doesn't get a prison sentence I'm going to sue the s*** out of somebody I've had enough I can't get a gun,,! And the felony I got wasn't nowhere close to his. It's total bulshit that's what I have to say I'm an avid hunting and sportsman person I like having a gun for safety out of my hunting shack I have wolves come right past my door I have mountain lions and I can't get a gun and this son of a b** ain't going to go to jail you watch!!

  7. I don't think Hyder hunter should go to jail for being a drug addict.It's for betraying the country and taking that money and Joe change in policy to hurt Americans.That's what this is about.

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