How Hunter’s Conviction Could Impact Biden’s Campaign


Many believe the conviction of Hunter Biden will only slightly affect President Joe Biden’s chances reelection, but it could influence the manner in which he references the criminal proceedings involving his predecessor.

In the days leading up to his son’s conviction, President Biden has strongly advocated for adherence to the principle of law, affirming to ABC News that he would not use his presidential to pardon his son and would respect the outcome of the trial. This comes as Democrats, including President Biden at a June 3 rally, have critiqued former President Donald Trump, labeling him a convicted felon following his New York case. However, the guilty verdict for Hunter Biden may necessitate a softer approach from President Biden in criticizing Trump, to avoid similar criticisms being directed at his son by Republican opponents.

Basil Smikle, a Democratic strategist, expressed to Bloomberg that Republicans might leverage the verdict against Hunter Biden to continue attempting to draw connections between the president and his son’s actions, despite no evidence implicating President Biden in a way that would affect his presidency. John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation’s Institute for Constitutional Government voiced that the situation with Hunter might weaken the impact of any criticisms aimed at Trump’s criminal record.

Conversely, former Democratic Representative Joe Crowley suggested to Politico that Hunter Biden’s conviction might unexpectedly benefit the Biden campaign by highlighting Joe Biden’s respect for the legal process. He acknowledged feeling sympathy for President Biden, admiring his commitment to the rule of law despite the personal cost.

Michael LaRosa, former press secretary to First Lady Jill Biden, commented to the BBC on the personal challenge this conviction poses for President Biden, highlighting it as a distraction that does not impede his presidential duties but carries an emotional weight for the family.

President Biden’s handling of the conviction, by openly respecting the judicial decision while continuing to support his son, offers a stark contrast to Trump’s claims of political persecution following his own legal troubles. This could make it difficult for Republicans to accuse the president of misconduct or nepotism, as President Biden emphasized his dual role as both the nation’s leader and a concerned father when addressing his son’s legal predicament before visiting him in Wilmington, Delaware.

Annabella Rosciglione
Annabella Rosciglione
Breaking News Reporter. Annabella is a graduate of UW-Madison where she worked at the Daily Cardinal reporting on Wisconsin politics.

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