New Search Warrant Executed at Gilgo Beach Suspect’s Home, Police Seize Evidence


Police have initiated a new search warrant execution at Rex Heuermann’s residence, the suspect in the Gilgo Beach killings. Officers were seen carrying large evidence bags from the home.

Retired NYPD Sergeant Joseph Giacalone joined us to discuss indicators to watch as police search the property, noting the presence of heavy equipment could imply they found evidence relevant to other cases beyond the Gilgo Beach murders.

“Since they already did this 10 months ago, they had to be able to prove to a judge that they had probable cause to go in there. The ME (medical examiner) showing up is really interesting. If we see the forensic anthropologist show up, that would be even more interesting and a bit of an eye-opener because they are the doctors that go out and determine what is a human bone or what is an animal bone,” Giacalone explained.

Monday’s search also comes about a month after authorities spent more than a week searching a wooded area in Manorville, New York. The remains of two women were found years earlier in the area, about 40 miles east of Heuermann’s home, though he hasn’t been charged in those cases.

“There’s still a number of victims from the Gilgo cases — they’re still open, but this could be expanding to other open cases too,” Giacalone said. “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this case is expanding the other open cases in both Nassau and Suffolk.”

Lawyers for Heuermann and his family didn’t respond to calls and emails seeking comment Monday but told local news outlets that his wife and two adult children were not home at the time. Heuermann has been in custody since his arrest last July and has maintained his innocence.

Urja Sinha
Urja Sinha
Digital Content Producer.

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