Hollywood Stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts Sound Alarm: Democracy and Children’s Future Hang in Balance if Trump Wins


Hollywood stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts sounded a dire warning at Saturday’s glamorous Los Angeles fundraiser for Joe Biden, cautioning that “democracy” and “our children’s future” are at risk if former President Donald Trump regains the White House in November.

Clooney emphasized the stakes, stating, “There’s nothing riding on it [the election] except, you know, democracy,” according to a report by Los Angeles magazine.

In recent months, “democracy” has become a key talking point for Democrats, with celebrities and commentators frequently linking Biden to the concept of democracy and portraying any challenger as a threat.

Saturday’s event at the L.A. Live complex’s Peacock Theater also featured celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Barbra Streisand, and Jack Black.

“But thank goodness an experienced Democrat who has passed transformative domestic legislation is in the White House,” Roberts remarked.

Kimmel moderated a conversation between Biden and Barack Obama during the event.

Obama criticized Trump during the discussion, saying, “I think part of what has happened over the last several years is we’ve normalized behavior that used to be disqualifying. We had the spectacle of the nominee of one of the two major parties, sitting in court and being convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts.”

Despite the significant funds raised on Saturday, Biden is experiencing a noticeable decline in celebrity support compared to 2020.

Many stars who actively campaigned for him on social media are now notably silent or are outright refusing to endorse him for a second term. Celebrities are wary of the potential impact on their personal brands if they associate with the unpopular Biden, particularly among young, progressive voters who are overwhelmingly anti-Israel.

David Ng
David Ng
Senior reporter covering media, entertainment, and corporate America. Previously, David was with the Los Angeles Times for 12 years, providing comprehensive coverage of the entertainment industry, including investigative pieces on some of LA’s landmark cultural institutions.

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