Hero Saves Driver from Houston Flood


A Houston, Texas, man narrowly escaped with his life after surviving a severe storm thanks to a Good Samaritan.

While attempting to return to his family, Jones “misjudged” a submerged railing while navigating a flooded road near Interstate 45, FOX 26 Houston reported.

The floodwaters initially swept Jones’s truck into a pedestrian bridge, causing his roof to collapse and his vehicle to drift into a drainage ditch.

“I knew I didn’t want to get out of my truck because the water would wash me away faster than the truck,” he explained.

During the chaotic moment, the Houston man said he thought about his wife and family.

“I thought the truck was going to spin over… all I’m thinking is what I’m leaving behind in this world,” he shared.

Jones dialed 911, but he was unable to tell the operator his exact location after being washed off the road.

“The scariest part was when it started to lift, and I had to think of exit plans,” Jones recalled.

“You could see the guy hitting the windshield, and the water was high. It had to have been chest deep,” onlooker Renee Young told the local station.

At that moment, a witness intervened and saved his life.

That man was Robert Chance.

Thanks to Chance, Jones was able to escape the sinking truck and is grateful to be alive.

“I got a little scar on my hand from the glass and some bruising from when I was trying to get people’s attention on the window,” Jones said. “The rest of the scars are inside, and that’s going to take a while to heal.”

Now, he is warning others to “turn around and don’t drown” when there are flood alerts.

Olivia Rondeau
Olivia Rondeau
Digital Reporter. Previously, Olivia was a contributor at the Daily Caller, a staff writer at Foundation for Economic Education, and a Pennsylvania Campus Correspondent at Campus Reform. Prior to that, she worked in social media, research, and public relations at Arsenal Media Group. Olivia is a political science major at the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

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