Here are Dems' first picks if they have to replace Biden


Fox News correspondent Christina Coleman takes a look at the high-profile names being floated to potentially replace President Biden as the Democratic nominee on ‘Fox News Live.’

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  1. Every Dem is a bad choice for the USA & her people. The far left have become anti-American, anti-economy, anti-freedom of speech & anti-second amendment, while becoming pro criminal, pro pervert & pro deviant.

  2. Joy Reid, Kimberly Godwin, Rashida Jones, Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones (who Bezos gave $100M to as a gift) are the Democrat propaganda wing that turned on Biden at the request of Obama. It is their interests to lose him. It is the way to keep themselves from being replaced with the next round that would have come from the present Biden administration.

  3. It’s not gonna happen because DEI hire kackling clown 🤡 Kamala Harris has the black vote…

    If they DONT replace the mummy with dummy

    They’ll LOSE the black vote dummocrats take for granted

  4. presidential candidates aren't interchangeable. Once Biden is on the ballot thats who you're stuck with. You don't get to swap candidates if you don't like how its playing out. it doesn't work like that.

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