Harold Ford Jr.: Trump Has a Chance to Address This Issue


‘The Five’ co-hosts analyze former President Trump’s guilty verdict on all 34 counts in the NY v. Trump trial.

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  1. NY is the sewer system of the U.S. .President Trump is the citizens only hope to return America to its greatnesses !! A President who will cut the legs off of the political corruption! The judge restricted the defense attorneys and what the jurors were allowed to consider! A political assault on President Trump and to create a diversion from the current Corrupt president, son and administration !! IMHO…

  2. Every state should ban anything coming from New York and not allow anything to be transported into New York. This is a state that has declared war on the rest of the country.

  3. This is to the people who are supporting Trump, and who are thinking about supporting Trump. If you believe there is God, and believe we will be judged on our judgment day, then I would like to remind you about the story of The War In Heaven, especially about Lucifer.
    Why do you think Lucifer and his angels were cast out of Heaven by God ?. Do you think it was wrong of God to do that ?.
    Lucifer accused God of mistreating his angels, and not being a good leader. He wanted retribution by trying to take down God. Lucifer failed and was punished. Because of that, Lucifer accused all of us for being superficial in front of God, and he challenged every one of us to live in a world without God’s intervention. That’s is the reason why we are here in this lonely universe…
    All I want to say is can we tell if someone behaves like Lucifer in this world ?. Remember we will be judged.
    But if you don’t believe there is God, and want to support and vote for Trump who wants to be a dictator, well…by all means. What have we got to lose ?…except this country…

  4. CNN is gleeful in a jamboree party… Can't see past their own noises on what the future will bring.. or if they do which is true throw out smoke and mirrors of deception to gain traction on a loosing Biden administration

  5. The Democrats set a precedent when they convicted Trump…I don't want to hear a peep out of any Democrat supporters when Trump turns around and goes after every single past, present presidents and every Deep State that is involved…do you think Trump doesn't have everything on all of them…why do you think they raided Trump's home…they were looking for everything Trump has on them! Let the panic begin!!

  6. We have Donald Trump found guilty, without actual charges. Nothing about this case was based on actual laws in this country.
    Hunter heads for court next week, which will be a different story, for everyone to see. Everything will be done as it should be, and whether he will walk away unscathed, as I'm sure Daddy Joe will make sure of.
    We will know, when the two cases for Hunter are over, whether HE will be above the law. If he is, then we know the system is broken irreparably

  7. Justice? Justice was not served! We can only hope that President Trump wins his second term and cleans up this mess! I live in Canada and I am deathly afraid of a Biden second term! We will be in WWIII, no doubt about it!

  8. We love you Trump❤❤❤❤ WE WILL NOT WAIVER WE SUPPORT YOU 100%

    nothing Democrats can do to stop Trump!!!

    🇺🇸Trump🇺🇸Willl🇺🇸Be🇺🇸Your🇺🇸President🇺🇸2024🇺🇸 Cubans for Trump🇺🇸

  9. Well done Judge , Harold’s mask slipped and he showed his true, elitist, partisan colours. He knew he had done it and crapped himself. Great slap down Judge, delivered to perfection.


  11. With all the stuff Biden has done taking classified documents when he wasn’t a vice president or president he was I believe a senator it doesn’t matter but even as vice President he was not allowed to take classified documents and he did, he and his son took money from other countries if President Trump is being charged then they need to prosecute Biden he has done so many things wrong he should be the one up on charges not President Trump but this goes to show how corrupt they are the democrats were never like this before but Obama is the one behind it and Biden is the puppet however it’s sad that our beautiful Country is suffering because of the them

  12. He wont go to jail, please. Maybe some comm services. Clean up the freeway for 2 months. Now that, i would pay big bucks to see. Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Big bucks. 😂

  13. Fox are promoters for the authoritarian state. The rule of law ensures that everyone, including those in power, are subject to the law. This prevents the arbitrary use of power and protects individual rights and freedoms. Its hard to distinguish Fox from RT. The authoritarian right is as much as a danger to western democracy as communism.

  14. Biden is the villain!!! Yes. I would never vote for him. And I never did. I could tell from the start. He was not worth it. Now I see even more, why I would never vote for him. And or Obama. And so far no more democrats. Because a What has happened, out of Hatred. I don’t Hate anyone. But I dislike people like Biden. Biden needs to go. I have love for Trump and I like him. And I will vote for Trump. There is nothing that Biden can say that will convince me or other people that he is a great president. And that is the way it works. Just look what Biden has done. And what he is doing now too. It’s time to take a real stand against those that have done this. Tuff. ❤🇺🇸🇮🇱🎺🎺🎺🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🌪️🌪️🌪️🕺🕺🕺

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