Hannity: This is the 'Joe Biden cognitive decline cover-up'


Fox News host Sean Hannity addresses calls for President Biden to ‘step aside’ amid concerns over his health on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. I like Trump's POLICIES. His BORDER policy. His ECONOMIC policy. His FOREIGN policy. Vote POLICY. Vote TRUMP 2024.

    Go to his website: Donald J Trump dot c om and click on ISSUES. All of his policies are explained there in great detail.

  2. "Range Anxiety" is what electric car owners experience. I think Jotato is searching for a charging station with the battery monitor flickering between orange and red.

  3. You can vote for the old guy with a cold and a hoarse throat or you can vote for the Trump Crime Family:
    Trump: Felon
    Bannon: Felon
    Gates: Felon
    Papadapoulous: Felon
    Navarro: Felon
    Stone: Felon
    Manafort: Felon
    Flynn: Felon
    Sater: Felon
    Broidy: Felon
    Weisselberg: Felon
    Powell: Felon
    Clark: Felon
    Meadows: Felon
    Eastman: Felon
    Guiliani: Felon
    Roman: Felon
    Chesebro: Felon

  4. All drugged up and did yall see at the end he didn’t know where tf he was or where he had to go his handlers and Jill weren’t there to get him off stage lol. FCKING EMBARRASSMENT!!!! FJB!!!!!! FCKKKK ALL DEMOCRATS!!!!!! FCKKK UKRAINE!!!!! AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!

  5. Unbelievable! Although Biden was using a teleprompter, Biden got through his speech, and jetlag had no effect! Let’s see how he does during his second debate on September 10 without a cold or jetlag, and without using a teleprompter.

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