Hamas Views Biden’s Ceasefire Proposal Positively


Foundation for Defense of Democracy’s Dr. Jonathan Schanzer joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss President Biden’s three-phase hostage deal proposal.

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  1. It is election time for sleepy Joe biden. He's doing this just to try to look good in America's eyes. I can see right through this.. everything is in horrible shape. The economy fuel prices conflicts all over the world. All under sleepy Joe's watch and none of our enemies respect or fear sleepy joe. Just like most Americans feel about sleepy joe. They do not want Trump in office because he ruffles too many feathers. Trump will close the borders first day of office. Watch sleepy Joe's videos and have a good laugh. How can you ever consider voting for somebody like that it is sad to watch. What's going to vote for Biden but definitely switched over to the Trump side.

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