Gutfeld: Trump is 'blowing Biden out of the water'


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld goes over this week’s leftovers and ‘Gutfeld!’ reacts to reports Hunter Biden is joining White House meetings post-CNN presidential debate.

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  2. When they say, if Trump gets back in there. He will never give the presidency up.
    Isn’t that exactly what Biden is doing right now? Isn’t he the one that will not give it up? Even when the ship is going down and he’s chin deep in the water. Is the Biden family that demented, deranged and stupid? β€œWOW” 😢

  3. Biden aint stepping down. Biden aint taking a cognitive test. Biden absolutely KNOWS the FIX is already in for Nov to beat Trump. Biden already proved American cant beat the FIX!! Biden aint sweating. The FIX is already in.

  4. Kennedy was in Patagonia where they were cooking the goat. He took that pic to send to his friend with the caption, "Best dog restaurant in South Korea". Pretty funny, actually.

  5. Joe isn't going to step aside because he knows as soon as he does he's going to be indicted along with Hunter and the rest of his family. He would rather take his last breath in the oval office then to face prosecution.

  6. It's a little early to be blowing him out of the water. We need to make sure they replace him as close to election day as possible. So his replacement will have unstable support. As it stands, we've already got the election won. Don't ever interfere with your enemy when they are being stupid. If there's a single thing that makes even the dumbest Republican smarter than a Democrat it's that Conservatives don't "fix" things that either aren't broken or are as good as they can (sometimes unfortunately) get. We have the election won, let's not "fix" that.

  7. I finally figured it out. Gill biden knows something you aren’t thinking of. Biden has so stay in because of Biden won’t step down. #1 biden has to pardon Hunter and others. #2 Who knows what agreements he still has with China. #3 If he would step down, he would be a citizen and congress and lawyer would go after him and his family. #4 Him being a shadow president, the shadow might be exposed. #5 Gill being a doctor already knows joe condition and still needs him to stat in. To hide the family money. #6 He can still sign executive issues for the democrats

  8. Nationally between new voters and voters that had voted democratic,,switching to voting republican is staggering. Biden painted the democratic party in a very unstable and very unprofessional light .πŸ˜‚

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