Gutfeld: This is Terrifying Democrats


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld gives his take on why the ‘rich and famous’ look at former President Trump with ‘envy’ on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. who votes for aristocrats? that's absurd… crat, in latin means "ruler"… but it's really a self proclaimed rule, because everyone on the planet isn't going to consider them that… it's absurd. these people are delusional.

  2. Using the problem solving principle Occam's razor, "..constructed with the smallest possible set of elements…"
    ..returns me back to my only assertion, that the Democratic administration is the very office causing/caused what's happening, everywhere.
    Islamic jihadists (As well as other enemies of USA)are taking advantage of their ignorance; and the ignorance of some Republicans also.

  3. Soooo many awesome people you could get as guests….but ya went went the same old same old. Cmon Greg…get some Elon, Ted Cruz, Terrence K, 50 cent, Glen Beck, Russel Brand, Tucker, Kari Lake, Kash Patel, Vivek, Doug Berg, Byron Donald’s, Tom Cotton… more unfunny Failla/Kat fillers

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