Gutfeld: Michael Cohen Was the Real Criminal


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld gives his take on Michael Cohen’s revelation that he stole $30,000 from the Trump Organization on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. fartfeld stinks likes trump’s front butt. trump cant prove he paid stormy as a personal expense and the prosecution cant prove it was business or campaign expense. its a wash. trump 1 and 2 with trials. either way what a scum bag

  2. Looking at the jurors, you have two attorneys; one civil one corporate.

    It's strange enough for lawyers to be put on a jury (they are usually used up as a preemptive challenge), but two??

  3. My opinion of why they are having a week long break before the jury deliberates is that they really FEAR that there is going to be an acquittal or at least a hung jury. This will let them search for (or set up) a situation where a member of the jury is exposed to material that will trigger a mistrial.

  4. Cohen lied to protect Trump for years…even went to jail protecting Trump…then Trump threw him under the bus just like everyone else that Trump doesn’t need or considers not loyal anymore…Remember all the people he’s fired! Even FoxNews Propaganda channel was fined 800 million for lying for Trump…Why are republicans so loyal to this man? Name me one person who has been a winner for being loyal to Trump…Look what happened to Pence? Tucker Carlson?

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