Gutfeld: The only policy that matters to Biden is his life insurance


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss President Biden’s apparent signs of aging on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. Joe Biden is simply getting what he deserves! Years of lies, bribes and theft are quickly catching up to him. And the worst, advertising for UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN to travel to the American border!!!!

  2. It's good that Donvict wasn't at the D-day ceremony at Normandy Beach. The last time he was there, dozens of locals tried to push him back out to sea. 🏌️

    You don't want to do your jokes at Donvict rallies? Guessing heat stroke is not your specialty. 🪂

  3. The Burning Question: Biden has Blue Eyes in all of his photos… Look at him now and his eye color is Black! What kind of Stimulant Drug cocktail change your eye color and stop blinking?

  4. A former Secretary of State…paid a foreign entity and intelligence agent to generate a fake intelligence report against a sitting president…is this not sedition…then deleted tens of thousands of messages sent/received on government devices…how is this not illegal destruction of government documents at the very least…and then the government itself colluded with the media and social media entities to sensor and ban information that was in FACT real and true…how is this not subversion? This is the true story…not even if hunter gets off…EVERYTHING…the left has said that "Trump" would do…THEY HAVE BEEN DOING ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!! Up to and including becoming fascist themselves by using lawfare against their political opponents!!!!!!!

  5. In October 2020 Pelosi had Raskin set up a committee to look into using on the 25th Amendment (stating that it wasn’t going to used against Trump). The Demalarky knew they would pull Joe out using the 25th. This gives Joe the mental clause get out of jail free card.

  6. $787,500,000
    After senators from the maga cult-34 party blocked the bill to codify the right to contraception, the maga cult-34 massively increased the number of votes the maga cult-34 will lose by in November.
    Roe v Wade & convict-trump bragging about getting it revoked was bad enough but to block that contraception bill was to ensure "Republicans" get wiped out electorally.

  7. These people are insane, we already saw 4 years of Trump. When all this fear mongering doesn’t come true, the democrats will have lost all credibility for at least a decade. What shameless liars.

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