Gutfeld: Biden Poses a Greater Threat to the Nation Than Trump Does to Your Emotions


‘The Five’ co-hosts preview the 2024 presidential matchup weeks before the first debate.

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  1. We’ve dealt with women’s reproductive rights across the country. Roe v. Wade was reversed and it went back to the states. Why is this so difficult for people to get through their heads?

  2. Nailed it with Greater threat to Country then one's Feelings. Woke and Ultra Sensitives better get out of their "Comfort Zones", be Adult enough to look past Self. Got Kids,Nephews,Nieces, etc?. Think of them . Enough is enough with this Failed Administration.

  3. How come fox isn't saying anything about the juror sending a message to a family member on Facebook a day before the guilty verdict telling their family members it was a guilty verdict Trump will be free of a guilty verdict by a mistral.

  4. And now for something more important …..Jesus brings us comfort. Jesus brings us joy and hope, knowing that He removed all of our sins at Calvary. If you need some teaching on the matter, the you tube channel, 'faith cometh by hearing' has a fine teaching series titled, 'change of mind' which helped me understand the matter.

  5. 🤯NSA WHISTLE BLOWER 🤯told me, "Republicans MURDERED RBG right before the 2020 election, to give their party exclusive total immunity. After deliberately blocking AG Garland because it was too close to the 2016 election. Knowing she was an easy target based in her age, it made 'natural cuases' more believable". Too afraid to come forward from fear for her family's life.

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