Gregg Jarrett: Hunter Biden Implicated Himself


Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to explain how Hunter Biden ‘incriminated himself’ in his federal gun case.

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  1. If it comes back, not guilty there’s going to be a reenactment of Minnie, Annapolis, 2020 and all the rest of the Democratic cities except this time it’s going to happen in Deleware and Washington

  2. Nothing will happen to him. Jill is part of the administration, she should not be there. It could be seen as intimidation. Its inappropriate. Our tax dollars already pay for his defense; he’s a big boy and can take care of himself.

  3. First Lady? A lady doesn’t cheat on her husband with another man who happens to be a senator. Jill is no lady. A lady or a gentleman has morals, integrity, and ethics, not to mention humility. I admit I am far from perfect, and never will be. But I have a conscience that I must answer to. I believe joey answers to Satan. Look at his Christmas wreath. It features the baphomet. The demon of child sacrifice and pedophilia. Every child sacrificed through abortion or other means, empowers Satan. It is written in the Bible. You know, the book little Joey is attempting to ban. Wake up people!!

  4. 2 tier justice system – you'll need to wait until post 5th November 2024 if you want a fair result. However the White House will ensure that this is thrown out of court well before the real risk of Trump getting the vote.

  5. Hunter being in court fighting a felony gun charge is not going to help Joe's polling numbers.
    I think the dems are starting to realize that Joe Biden has too much negative baggage. Look for the dems to switch Biden out for another nominee at the last moment.
    They'll throw Hunter under the bus! There is no redeeming value in Hunter if Joe is no longer their candidate.

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