GOP Representative Warns of Potential Global Devastation


Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., sounds the alarm on the ‘nuclear threat’ the U.S. is facing on the world stage during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

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  1. More and stronger tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and floods. Warm oceans, record heat. All this is happening now and will only get worse. The trends are obvious in the data. Only the foolish and the ignorant refuse to see this. They will spell our doom.

  2. They put a solar field on the base I work on, but they thought nothing about cutting down acres of trees. The first rain flooded the neighborhood across the road. Morons didn't take in the amount of water is sucked up by trees. Vote, keep the current morons in positions will take down our great country.

  3. All the news media are stupid as hell for blabbing the US's military disadvantages like are military isn't prepared for conflicts because a large percentage of our submarines are in dry dock because they're broken ! You nerer ever let the media broadcast not just to the world but to your enemies that you've gone to war with letting them all know the status of your countries military !! I'd have not just the reporters but the editors and Chiefs of every news source but the owners to and charge them with feeding the enemy with top secret information and charge them with Treason !! All our enemies are watching our news media broadcasts to see what our war plans are. That's so stupid !!

  4. Climate change is and will be a problem, BUT, it is nowhere near to an "existencial" level of threat. Those who are pushing this narrative, are clearly using "climate change" for two things only – power grab and money making.

  5. Who remembers when it was called SEASON's, winter, spring, summer and fall. The climate is supposed to change, if the poles were once jungles and become jungles again instead of ice caps that would be evolution of the planet and nothing more. When the time comes for humans to go the way of the dinosaurs they to will evolve like every other animal on the planet has in the past. Better trust God and tune out politicans and scientists.

  6. Taking into account Biden is a proven compulsive liar and virtually everything he says is total BS, just like he said the “border is secure” for 4 years, then take this ‘existential threat’ as BS too.
    No doubt he’s set to make money and impose restrictions on freedoms from this ‘threat’ and actually the opposite is true.

  7. Climate comes from GOD. Joe Biden knows NOTHING about GOD or he would NOT PUSH Abortion, the Soddom and Gomorrah lifestyle and Pedophilia on the ENTIRE GLOBE. He took Jesus out of Easter and inserted Transgender Day instead. He has NOW gone against Isarel! The United States is now living on borrowed time with God!

  8. Electric tanks are enemies will laugh at us we will look like a joke on the battlefield, are they going to build tank recharging stations in the middle of nowhere, somebody needs to give Joe a coloring book and a box of crayons and keep him out of oval office , so he's not making any more stupid decisions !!!

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