Google’s Gemini Program Expands to Include Teenagers Using Their School Email Addresses


Tech giant Google is introducing its AI-driven technology, Gemini, to schools through Google Workspace for Education, after first offering it to personal accounts used by teenagers. The move aims to equip teens with the skills needed to succeed in an environment where generative AI is prevalent. Gemini enables students to learn with real-time feedback and boost their confidence.

To ensure responsible handling of the technology, Google promises to not use data from student chats to train and improve its AI models. Gemini has safety features in place, such as automatic filtering of inappropriate responses, to prevent undesired content from appearing in results. It also encourages students to use the “double-check” feature to develop information literacy and critical thinking skills.

Image Credits: Google

Gemini will be available by default for teen students using Google Workspace for Education accounts in over 100 countries, once administrators opt-in to enable it. The technology is currently limited to English-speaking countries.

Additionally, Google announced the global launch of its Read Along in Classroom feature, designed to enhance students’ reading skills and provide real-time support. Teachers can assign reading activities tailored to individual grade levels or phonics skills, and access insights on their students’ reading accuracy, speed, and comprehension.

The company is also expanding tools for educators, allowing them to create and share interactive lessons more easily, and enabling the manual marking of assignments as missing or complete, as well as bulk scoring. A pilot program is underway to create personalized stories tailored to individual student needs, further enhancing the educational experience.

Aisha Malik
Aisha Malik
Aisha is a consumer news reporter. Previously, she was a telecom reporter at MobileSyrup. Aisha holds an honours bachelor’s degree from University of Toronto and a master’s degree in journalism from Western University.

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