Gianno Caldwell Criticizes Biden’s Border Actions as a ‘Stalling Tactic’


Fox News contributors Gianno Caldwell and Leslie Marshall react to President Biden and former President Trump clashing over the border before the first debate on ‘The Story.’

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  1. Hollow body's take the corner of a wall weakens the lines. So you read the play the movie is rolling. 2011 the true is between friends can we see one thing end be finished first the Ukraine war to end. People come out from the dark place you been in. Move a way from that negative perspective evil that was the past. Bright up somebody's life share the material, knowledge information. Planet is so big language separates the alien from the crayon, distracts people from being friends. Friends can be hard to make sometimes as well. How many places can we truly have to run and hide to. Earth, Mars and just talking with Musk but if you can't be friends can't look at each other with some kind of passion Love for them walking away might be the only possibility. At least save yourself from the heartache. Stuff that don't make sense grow up Stop this emotional I feel bad I feel good knock it off either slap it on the table and be done with it. Go on the inside and sort it out by yourself.

  2. Biden can't even remember which executive orders he has signed. He admitted to Mike Johnson that he doesn't remember signing the order to cancel oil drilling. This clown is a danger to America and must go. Remember, a vote for Old Joe is a vote for Come on Me Kumula.

  3. ⚜️🦩✨ What Adolf & Donald have in common: they both consider themselves geniuses, they enjoy the love of the people, they consider themselves superior beings, they both lack respect for the constitution/law and order, they lie like EFF (as soon as a need presents itself), they both suffers from severe anger issues, they both use fake information in their messaging – and for both of them: lotalty before skill. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🦩

  4. Notice all the crossers have new shoes, new clothes? I wonder where these came from? Who's paying for them? This is all Obama's doing, Biden hasn't the moxie to do this. Obama hates our Country and is busy wrecking it. Put credit where it is do!! Shut down Obama!!

  5. வாழ்க்கைக்கு தாரமாக oh.yes.. ஆதாரமாக இருக்கிறார்..vast country 3rd biggest country and population just 31 crores.. nothing wrong 31 billion gets increased… 3145 km border.. its broader too.. ம்ம்.. ஆண்டவன் சொத்து..ஆளுக்கொருகுத்து…🎉🎉🎉

  6. If the American people were to make the mistake of reelecting "Barrie" Obama/Biden, there is no doubt that they/he would soon throw the border wide-open and they/he would also smother the U. S. in the homosexual agenda.

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