Gas Prices Rise for Second Day in a Row


The national average price for regular gas saw an increase this week, reaching $3.611 per gallon on Wednesday, according to AAA. This marks the second consecutive day of significant price hikes. On Monday, the average price of regular gas was $3.59 per gallon, and on Tuesday, it rose slightly to $3.598 per gallon.

These price hikes are the latest in a series of fluctuations in gas prices across the country. A week ago, the average price for regular gas was $3.607 per gallon, and a month ago, it stood at $3.675 per gallon.

Moreover, current gas prices in 2024 remain higher compared to the same period last year. Wednesday’s average price of $3.611 per gallon surpasses the average price from May 2023, which was $3.54 per gallon.

Gas prices vary significantly by state. To see the specific prices in each state, click here.

Mississippi holds the title for the cheapest gas in the nation, with an average price of $3.058 per gallon. Conversely, California has the most expensive gas, averaging at $5.172 per gallon.

The states with the lowest gas prices are predominantly located along the Gulf Coast and in the Midwest.

Among the states with relatively lower gas prices are Louisiana at $3.159 per gallon, Texas at $3.183 per gallon, Alabama at $3.229 per gallon, Arkansas and Oklahoma both at $3.112 per gallon, and Kansas at $3.139 per gallon, highlighting a stark contrast with the national average.

The states with the highest gas prices are primarily situated in the western United States.

In addition to California, states with the highest per-gallon prices include Hawaii at $4.797 per gallon, Washington at $4.590 per gallon, Oregon at $4.359 per gallon, Nevada at $4.358 per gallon, Alaska at $4.320 per gallon, and Arizona at $3.886 per gallon.

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