French National Rally Candidate Hospitalized After Violent Attack


A French National Rally candidate, representing Marine Le Pen’s anti-mass-migration populist party, was attacked and hospitalized by a group of masked individuals. The assailants, described by witnesses as wearing all-black clothing, targeted the 70-year-old candidate, Breuil, who has a pacemaker fitted.

According to French broadcaster TF1, the attack began with shouting, with the attackers telling the campaigners they were not welcome in the city. Witnesses reported that the group attempted to steal the phone of one person who filmed the altercation. The assault culminated in the candidate being kicked.

French authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, which has sparked outrage and condemnation from Breuil’s party. Marine Le Pen stated that the attack was “cowardly” and that the extreme left was “ready to do anything to sow chaos.” The candidate is still hospitalized and has been sent “friendly support” by her party.

This attack comes amid a surge in violence against populist politicians in Europe. In recent weeks, incidents have been reported in Germany, Slovakia, and France, with some cases involving extreme violence. In Germany, several people were stabbed at a political demonstration, while in Slovakia, a political activist shot the Prime Minister due to disagreements over military aid to Ukraine.

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